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About Us

Family Owned with Over 30 Years of Experience

Bard Flowers began in a Saint Paul basement in 1993 and grew into one of the largest floral distributors in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on remaining family owned & maintaining our local roots. 

Today we service over 600 stores (and counting) and sell over 400,000 bouquets each year. Many of our current customers are drug stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and independent grocery stores across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. 

Our specialty is servicing small format retail stores where a floral line would otherwise be difficult to manage. The result is fresh cut floral joy for your community.


Our goal is to be your complete floral partner. Whether it’s making sure your store is stocked up before Mother’s Day, or just making sure the flowers arrive fresh when mother nature isn’t cooperating, know that we are a partner you can rely on!

Our Clients


Partner since 1995


Partner since 2001

Partner since 2007

Part of the



Partner since 2023

Plus family-owned independent stores across Minnesota and Wisconsin

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